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Comic ID #1590
Title: magical misery tour – pg03
Print Status: Available
Original Status: Not Available




Not Available

Original Comic Art:

Now that you are a diehard fan, and your heart is overflowing
with Joy for our comic, here is your chance to collect your very
own piece of original Super Zeroes comic art!

Each 17×5 strip is hand-drawn and hand-lettered on high
quality Bristol board, inked with archival inks and signed,
thus creating a one of a kind masterpiece you can be proud
to display for years to come.

As a bonus, when you buy an original Super Zeroes strip,
you will receive a full color print of the strip to match!

Each Original comic strip is a unique piece of artwork, and are
priced between $75 and $150 depending on the level of detail.
The cost of shipping will also be added. To aquire your strip,
simply browse through the archives, if the strip is available
click on the Paypal button and you’ll be instructed from there.

Super Zeroes Prints:

If you had your eye on purchasing the original art for a particular strip
but blasted someone else got to it first! Dont worry! We sell color prints
of all our strips! The prints also make great gifts at a reasonable price.

Each 10×3 color print is produced on high quality gloss finish
paper. And they never run out, so you can hang your favorite
strip in as many spots as you’d like! (So there’s enough for

Each print sells for $10.00 plus the cost of shipping. Some
larger strips will cost more because of their size. To purchase
the strip of your choice simply browse the archives, find your
strip and proceed through Paypal.

Your support is deeply appreciated!